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Rio 2016 - Host City of the Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro 2016!! Host City of the XXXI Summer Olympic Games

This is a video from the official website of the candidature of Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Este es un video del sitio oficial de la candidatura de Río de Janeiro para recibir los Juegos Olímpicos de Verano de 2016.

Este é um vídeo do site oficial da candidatura do Rio de Janeiro a receber os Jogos Olímpicos de Verão de 2016.

Il s'agit d'une vidéo du site officiel de la candidature de Rio de Janeiro de 2016 accueillir les Jeux Olympiques d'Été.

Olympics Rio 2016 Live Your Passion

Now it's true: Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016!

Carnival in Brazil 1942

Carnival in Brazil 1942 Brazilian music & Elsie Houston shown on an Eiki 16mm projector

This short feature film depicts Brazil and entertainers from the early 1940's. This is a one of several shorts that are spliced together on a 60 minute reel of film. This is one of ten I purchased at an estate sale for only 25 cents each a few months ago. One is a full length b/w motion picture. The others range from British war films, foreign dancers, American war related entertainment. I also have many other 16mm films containing close to 100 soundies, which are 3 minute movies of popular orchestras and singers. Soundies were made for scopitone jukeboxes in the 1940's that showed music videos instead of playing records, similar to the music videos we have today. They are several reels over an hour running time with 3 minute music videos. The flicker in the film is caused by the mismatched timing of the projector and the camcorder. This is not present when viewing the film directly from the projector.

Carnival In Rio 1955

A tour of Rio de Janeiro and the annual carnival in the 1950s. Good POV aerial PANs over Rio De Janeiro. Pan American four engine clipper landing at airport, people deplaning, President Vargas exits limo. Various, crowded streets filled with people dancing and sing to Samba bands, some people in costumes and masks. Various MSs, CUs, dancing groups, individuals, ornately costumed people. Children watching. Transferred from 35mm Technicolor print. Footage from this film is available for licensing from www.globalimageworks.com

Rio The Magnificent 1932 - Tour of Rio de Janeiro in the 1930's

A tour of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the 1930's. Footage from this film is available for licensing from www.globalimageworks.com

Rio de Janeiro 1936, "City of Splendour"

James A. Fitzpatrick's documentary series "Traveltalk" ("The Voice of the Globe"), released in 1936.

The images of a river is not that old, but in a time when the river could still be called "Wonderful Town. " Seventy years have passed since these pictures were made, and since then, much has changed (for worse). The destruction reached the Moorish flag, in Botafogo, the Monroe Palace, the buildings of Avenida Rio Branco, Casa Maua. Nothing like seeing the images to check.

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Andressa Soares the "Watermelon Woman" - Mulher Melancia

Andressa Soares, better known as "Watermelon Woman."
Even when I was a kid my friends'parents used to say,

"Look at the size of this girl's bottom."
It all started at a radio station ir Rio, where l had a show with Tilo Junior, and the listeners were curious to know who was the station's muse, who interacted with the listeners on the internet.
So we posted a picture of me on the station's message board.
They asked me to take pictures at the beach.
I took a picture of me diving in the sea, onde was of my butt sticking up in the air, and the other one l was just standing.

They said, "Wow! Her butt is like a watermelon," so it stuck, Watermelon Woman."
That´s when MC Créu asked Watermelon Woman to dance with him foe a concert DVD.
His song wasn't being played much on the radio, and a lot people still didn't know who MC Créu was or who sang the song.

He begged so much that I brought a friend, who is now the jackfruit Woman.
Before it even came out, people were already talking about it.
People were saying, "You have to see the ass on this dancer.She shakes and does these different speeds."
- How does the song go, and can you explain a bit of the dance to us?
The dance, I can´t explain, because I'm sitting downn, but in the song he says something like, "To dance the

Créu, you nesse skills..."
Then he's say, "The first speed is slow," and so on...
Then, "Créééu, "slowly, "Créééu," and I would do the first speed.
So, instead of a normal dance, I did all the speeds with my ass.
"Crééééu, Crééu", and "Créu Créu Créu, "
The, for the fifth speed, I would lean against an amp, point do it all with my ass.
Shaking it like this, and everyone went crazy.
People connercted the danc not to MC Créu, but to the watermelon-ass.
Right after that, since it got so popular, came may first
Playboy cover, and them things blew up.
When I started, TV host always asked me the same question, "What do you think about making a living by using you body and your butt?"
I'm happy, because I work hard for this every day.
In mey show, I have two dancers, one blonde, one brunette, then me and a DJ.
The first song I do is "Single, Yes, but Never Alone."
The song oges, "Yes, I'm single, but never alone.
I'm the Watermelon Woman, and I shake my ass.
Then we move on to the more physical stuff with "The Sixth Speed," so we can start to shake.
I let the girls do it first, while I sing.

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